FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3

//FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3

FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3


Recommended Dose: 1 Pill per Day

FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3 is a carefully created and scientifically designed natural supplement that contains a number of potent and well known constituents that have been studied and shown to help with increasing female fertility. The primary focus of the constituents is to reduce the amount of oxidative stress that commonly exists in female bio-chemistry to help improve fertility naturally while also enhancing overall reproductive health.

FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3 also is specially formulated to offer a complete suite of preconception, prenatal vitamins to contribute to a healthier conception process. This product has been designed based upon scientific studies, ongoing clinical trials, and respected journal findings to safely enhance female fertility using all-natural ingredients. This product is intended to help enhance fertility when used in combination with a proper diet, daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle. FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3 is Health Canada Approved: NPN 80035639; All the ingredients that compose FERTIL PRO Women + Vitamin D3 are certified kosher and halal

Before you consider taking a dietary supplement like FERTIL PRO® Women + Vitamin D3 or any other alternative natural supplement, please be sure that you consult with your doctor beforehand. Your doctor can provide you with guidance and advice on taking this or any other supplement based upon your medical history and current prescription medication intake. This supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, illnesses or ailments.



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